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Taxes & Land Division

Land Division Policy for Grant Township

  1. All land divisions shall comply with 1996 P.A. 591, The Land Division Act.
  2. All proposed land divisions shall have written authorization from the Zoning Administrator or Z.B.A. of the area in which the split shall take place.
  3. An official survey or description from an approved source shall be provided unless it is a Rectangular Division.
  4. All proposed divisions shall go to the Assessor of Record of Grant Township for approval or denial.
  5. A fee of $50.00 for each newly created parcel shall accompany the land division application.
  6. Land divisions involving more than one owner (example: land contracts or multiple owners) shall have all owners’ approval on the application.
  7. All land divisions which have been approved shall expire unless they have been recorded within 24 months of approval.
  8. Parcel combinations shall be requested by December 31 for the following tax year. There shall be no charge for combinations, however, written authorization from all owners shall be provided to the assessor of record.





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